Rights & Duties

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Customer Rights & Duties


Customer Rights

  • To take cognizance of the terms, conditions, and details of the product or service, and to request ample explanations to be sure that he/she has understood them and can abide by them.
  • To obtain from the concerned employee(s) a clear, complete, and easy-to-understand explanation about financial services and products with different risk levels.
  • To obtain from the concerned employee(s) clear and professional answers to any questions concerning any ambiguous clause or condition.
  • To demand the use of either Arabic or English in any document, correspondence, or transaction with the Bank.
  • To demand to obtain and read, in advance, a copy of each document and text referred to in any contract to be signed with the Bank.
  • To obtain and retain a copy of any contracts or other documents signed by the customer, without bearing any additional cost.
  • To demand that the Bank determine and provide the actual cost of the product or service, including the actual insurance cost and the computational method of the lending or deposit interest rate.
  • To freely choose an insurance company, among at least five companies that are accepted by the Bank and mentioned in a written list, in any instance in which obtaining the product or service is contingent upon the submission of proof of insurance to the Bank.
  • To obtain any product or service, provided it is compatible with the customer’s request, profile, and understanding of the likely financial risks associated with the product or service.
  • To obtain, for each product or service, a periodic detailed statement of account.
  • To refuse to sign any blank or incomplete form and to ascertain that all the required fields and figures in the form to be signed by the customer are correct and complete.
  • To submit a complaint about any service or product found to be unsatisfactory, and receive from the Bank an explanation of the complaint submission procedure, the time period within which he or she will be notified of the complaint outcome, and the appropriate mechanism required to submit the complaint to the relevant authorities if and when the customer is not satisfied with the Bank’s response.

Customer Duties

  • To provide true, complete, and accurate information when filling out any form provided by the Bank, and refrain from providing any false information. 
  • To disclose all financial obligations when applying for a product or service, without prejudice to the rights conferred on customers by the Banking Secrecy Law.
  • To update the personal information submitted to the Bank, on a continuous basis and whenever required to do so.
  • To comply with the terms and conditions governing the chosen service or product.
  • To promptly notify the Bank of any questionable operation on his/her account.
  • To provide the Bank with his/her home address, work address, email, regular mail, and telephone number, and report any change in this information to enable the Bank to contact the concerned customer personally and thus guarantee the privacy of information.

Instructions To the Customer

  • Do not provide any other party, under any circumstances, with any details about your bank account or any other banking or critical personal information.
  • Whenever facing financial difficulties preventing you from meeting your obligations or paying your installments when they are due, refer to the Bank or other relevant financial institution in order to determine the best options, including the rescheduling of obligations.
  • Be careful when granting a proxy to a third party to complete your banking and financial transactions, particularly by clearly determining the powers delegated under this proxy.