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> Loan amount: From 2.000,-USD to 50.000,-USD.

Loan period: up to 3 years.

Minimum Down Payment 25% from Car price.

> Monthly payment must not exceed 35% of your household monthly income. In case you have housing loan your total monthly payments must not exceed 45% of your household monthly income.

> Car Mortgage.

> A second signature is a must.


Required Documents:

> Copy of ID card or passport.

> Proof of residence.

> If employed, a recent employment letter or pay slips.

> If self-employed, a recent bank statement.


Interests & Commissions:

> Interest Rate = 18%

> File Fees = between 100,-USD & 500,-USD

> Quarterly Commission = 2

> Typical Annual Percentage Rate = 22%*

Final conditions are set in executable agreements and documents.


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